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 The Devil Will Tempt you


John Seraichyk is a native Rhode Islander, devoted father of five, husband, business owner and a servant to his Savior, Jesus Christ… John has been anointed by God to share his faith in all aspects of life and today freely teaches this gifting with although those who are interested in highly effective spiritual evangelism.

"I was once a shy loner with a long history of addiction, depression and no belief in God! In December 2004, after much trial and tribulation, I gave my heart to Jesus… Today the power of transformation through Christ Jesus is evident not just in my testimony but in my absolute unswerving conviction to follow Him!"

John is the President of Browning Associates; a Christian based executive life coaching, career and job counseling firm and also a Deacon at River Point Christian Church. John continues to minister to Corporate leaders from all over the world as well as the homeless, addicted and anybody with a broken heart, and has done so for nearly 25 years… Johns, God given mandate is to live as Christ 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

John has invited Jesus in to every part of his life. He openly professes his love for Christ throughout his company, holds mandatory corporate prayer meetings daily, prays and professes Christ with every client he does business with; both Christians, and every and anybody God sends his way in business and on the streets… Today, John wants to share this anointing with your church so as your body can emulate the love of Christ in and OUTSIDE your church…

John is also the founder of Secrets From Heaven -

A Facebook page devoted to sharing the love of Christ with more than 5000 followers… John presently sits on the Deaconate Board with River Point Church in West Warwick Rhode Island and continues to mentor under Rev Douglas Tourgee… More than all of the above however, John petitions God on a moment-by-moment basis to humbly follow Jesus his King!

Romans 10:9 Says : If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Do you declare "Jesus is Lord" only in your private prayer time? How many people that know you, are aware that you are a Christian and have heard your testimony?

He Died for you! Are you Living For Him!

Teach Your Church Body How to witness for Christ.

What is your congregation doing to spread the Gospel? 

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