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Prayed with Lin  at Walmart - Brought her a bible - look what Jesus has done in her life 

Hi John

I keep meaning to get in touch with you to tell you I received a sign from my dad.. lol.. it was in April sometime .. I got up one morning went into bathroom and when I looked down at the floor in front of the tub was a single golf ball!! I looked at it and first thing I said was “DAD” .. my dad played golf all his life and was in tournaments..when I thought about it there was no way that could of gotten there.. neither Brad nor I play golf lol. It was from dad!!! Made my day!! But that’s not all next morning Brad came up from his room and at the top of the stairs was a baseball magnet laying on the floor there lol... my dad coached little league for Brad for years ... Brad said I go a sign from Boppa and he told me!! Lol unbelievable!! So we both got a sign!!! He’s ok and in heaven!!!

Made us both happy!! I miss him!!

Anyway wanted to let you know about it thought you would enjoy hearing it lol. Praise Jesus!! XO

Hope you and family are doing well and staying safe!! Miss you John!!

Maybe chat sometime like old times!! 


Be safe!!


Hi John

 Thank you for your kind words. I don’t have a men’s bible. That’s nice of you to offer to send to me but I don’t want you to go through that trouble. Can you suggest where I find one?

I had an experience today that tells me God is ever present in my life. I was at Jack in The Box grabbing some breakfast when I saw this young guy, maybe early 20s and an older woman with a bicycle get to the front door at the same time. He held the door for the woman who was wheeling her bike in I held the next door. I immediately believed they were homeless and “traveling” together. At the counter I placed my order and just as the cashier told me the price, I heard the two talking about what they could afford and counting change. Being Italian for 1, and it being cold and the holiday season I asked them what they wanted. He said they were buying a sandwich that these two and two other people sitting down were going to share. 1 sandwich for four people.

I told them to order something for each of them. While we waited on the food I asked if he they were homeless. I could see by their clothes, and filthy hands that they were. The kid answered affirmatively. I said he might not believe it but 6 years ago I too was homeless on the streets of San Francisco. He looked surprised and asked “wasn’t it you that just drive up in that new Lincoln Navigator? I said I did. I explained that an awful meth addiction left me homeless, hungry, eating in soup kitchen lines and hopelessly lost in active addiction. I asked him if that sounded like his story to which he nodded yes. I told him my DoC was Meth and asked if it was his too. He said “No”. I said “heroin?” He said yes.

I told him how my life had changed after I got clean. I live in a big house, have two nice cars, have food in my stomach, and not lost trying to get my next fix. I said “you can have this too”. But you’ve gotta stop the cycle. Drugs get you homeless and being homeless has you not being able to stop using.

I asked if he had a phone that he could look up rehabs and 12 step meetings. He said his phone was stolen the night before. I told him over the course of 2 years I had more than 100 phones stolen.

I looked on my phone and gave him the address to some meetings that I go to. I wrote the address and meeting times on paper the cashier gave me and I gave him my name and number. I told him to hang onto it and when he got a phone to call me and I’d meet him at a meeting.

That was at 9:30. At 11:30 am this kid named Jordan called me. He said he found a pay phone and spend the last of his change calling me. I didn’t even know payphones exist anymore. He asked if I would meet him at the meeting today at 6 pm. Of course I said I would. I told him how proud of him, this stranger that I don’t know, for taking the first step to reclaim his life. I told him just his calling was a huge first step and I promised additional steps would be met with warmth, love and support from me and the fellowship. I’m meeting him at 6 and hope today is the first day of a new life for him.

God doesn’t make junk. He doesn’t make mistakes and I believe he brought me to this kids life to have an impact on him, and him having an impact on me. There are no coincidences. Everything happens in Gods time at the right time.

I know I woke up today for this experience. I also know this was not of my doing and was not part of my plan. God showed up today to give this kid a future and to allow me to be of service. And being of service to him had him being of service to me.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for me to stay on the Browning Assoc path. Sometimes even these things happen for a reason. But going through this it introduced me to you and. Believe that too is a gift. And it’ll be interesting to see how this journey unfolds. I’m grateful we’ve met.


Daniel Corrado


Hello John. This is Mark Elliott, we talked about 6 months ago. My wife has a brain tumor if you recall. We talked while you were in church after a bible study. You kindly offered a prayer after our conversation.

My wife is doing very well.  


Hey John,

Wow! What a message. I have watched it multiple times and I just shared it with my wife as well. Thank you so much for the email and for sharing the video. I cannot begin to express how much I am in awe of our amazing God. He brought you into my life for a reason, and the brotherhood I share with Bob Bourque is beyond words. I love him dearly and feel like I have known him since I was born.

A couple years ago, I did a random Google search for PA executive positions. I never did anything like that before and I happened to click on your website. When I read your story, I knew I needed to contact you immediately. I want nothing except for God to use me as a light and a vessel to reach others for Jesus. I called your office that day a few years ago, and asked to talk with you. The receptionist took a message, and that night I got a call from Bob Bourque. Since that evening, my brotherhood with Bob in Christ is cemented for eternity. He and I don't talk often enough, but I was blessed to meet him over a dinner meeting on December 3, 2018 in northeastern PA when I was in the area for a business trip.

God bless you and continue to share His light with the world. You are fulfilling His great commission. Hopefully you and I can talk someday as well. If you would like to chat, please feel free to call my cell phone anytime at 814-329-1019.

God bless,

Kevin Guthrie


Dear Mike,

I trust that you are well.

I must share with you. The morning before our conversation, I was on my knees praying. That God would bless my day, in spite of my bankruptcy meeting (before your meeting). When I left my BK meeting I was at my lowest and I began to pray again. That God would encourage me somehow. I really was not in a place to talk to you. I was down.

Little did I know that you would be the one to encourage me and pray for me on the phone call. I was so blessed with your encouraging words of wisdom, and your Holy Spirit filled prayer. It was a miracle from God. Thank you a million!!!!!!!

I have since raved to three of my fiends about our meeting. May God bless you 100 fold.

We are targeting to close the company at month end (2 weeks).

With that said, I believe that I want to meet with you again and hear more about the possibilities of your firm helping me out on my next opportunity. Can we arrange another meeting for next week?

I sent you the answers to your questions on a different email.

Thank you again Mike,



SO my last treatment is May 8th (One Month yay) and I am excited to get my schedule back to normal! Starting May 18 I should be ready to get things back to status quo! I am anticipating a busy summer with all the shut downs now and once businesses reopen WE are going to be slammed 🙏🙏 I will be ready...

Thank You for allowing me to take this time to slow down, it had really helped :)

God is so good all the time and I find the miracle in everyday, if its just a client cancellation or just a day I'm feeling like a normal human being LOL


Hi - I just sent out an announcement about Bob.

John, he would like to keep his promise to God in that he wants to donate his first paycheck to a group that you support. I mentioned Teen Challenge when he asked but I told him you may want to give to a different organization.

I am blown away with this man of faith!

All the best,

Bob Jones--


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